November 20th, 2006


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who answered the roll call posted below. A total of 13 people answered. Now, I KNOW this is not the correct number of people. Why? Because I have had people come up to me and mention something on my blog within the last two weeks, so I know ya'll are reading this, but are simply choosing to ignore my request. Bad! Do I need to up it to 40 comments? Hmmm? Come on, how hard is it to post your name? :P Oh yeah, someone didn't leave their name. I THINK it's comment.. either... 12 or 13.. so, whoever you are, please let me know WHO you are. :P Thanks.

I wanted to stay in bed this morning, but knew I couldn't. Today will be a busy day. I need to plan for the Walk-Through Bethlehem so I can take some organizational materials to Amy next time I see her. I might drop by the house tomorrow after school to explain some of the things. Though really, I don't see any reason why it can't wait until Sunday, that way I will have more time to work on it. Good plan.

As soon as I finish on here I am going to clean my room. Always a good thing to do at least once every couple of months. :P Just kidding. I try to clean every couple of days. Usually I try to clean at the end of each day before I go to bed, or in the morning when I have a few minutes to spare. But this weekend has been crazy insane. Friday night I spent at Hancock's. Saturday morning I spent at work. Saturday afternoon I spent running errands. Saturday night I spent at the Donnafield's for a youth activity [which ROCKED, btw]. Sunday was, of course, church. Sunday afternoon I spent with Brad and Rachel and Damon and Kasey. We had to get to the church early for a Costume Committee Meeting. What fun! We got a lot planned but have SO much more to do. We have 40+ costumes to do, but the biggest trouble isn't going to be from actually MAKING the costumes, but buying the material. That's a lot of material to be bought! A whole lot. We're trying to go as cheap as possible, and make the most basic costume that we can.. but.. yeah.. it's hard. Especially since we can't make them custom fitted to one person. And especially since very few people in our church have the same body shape. Grrr. Why can't everyone be the same exact size??? It would sure make my job a whole lot easier!

And my computer is getting slower and slower. Can someone pass me a hammer, please?

There was something else I was going to do today.. what WAS it?? hmm? Oh yeah! School! I have that paper due tomorrow on the cause[s] for the increase in gas prices. Very interesting.

And sometime today, I'm going to squeeze in an hr or two at the gym. What fun. Two hours.

Well, I'm off to be a productive member of society. Yeah.. have fun at that, Megan.

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let it snow!

brandon and mom just reported that they snow a few snow flurries. how could i miss that?!?!?!

but alas,it won't less.. goodbye snow! you were gone before i even knew you were here.. sniff...

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Wow. It only took me a little over two hours to write this essay. I think I did a good job. I'm going to read over it to make sure it doesn't sound too informative, but that's what I do best. I've noticed that in my writing this semester. Sure, I'm good at emotional things, but I'm really good at historical and informative pieces. I love reading articles in the newspaper, and actually, this essay could become and article without too much extra work. Cool. :)

But I'll post it in a bit.

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Cause and Effect Essay- 2nd Draft

Megan M. Shaw
English 1010
Mr. Como
Assignment: Essay III: Cause and Effect
Due Date: 11-21-2006


            Since the fuel spike of September 2005, when the national average for the price of regular unleaded reached a record high of $3.057 per gallon, gas prices have fluctuated constantly. The price at the pump might have read $2.759 on Tuesday, but by Thursday the price would have jumped to $2.839 a gallon. Prices dropped to $2.257 and below the early part of this year but quickly shot back up to $3 during the summer months, almost exactly the time of the spike the previous year. Only in the last three months have prices begun to decline, occasionally dipping under $2.

            The general public blames the increase in gas prices on current events; namely, the war in the Middle East. They are commonly under the impression that the United States receives the majority of its crude oil from Middle Eastern countries. Actually, the top provider of crude oil is Canada, who exported 1.747 million barrels per day during the month of September.  Saudi Arabia followed closely behind that with 1.546 million barrels, and then Mexico with 1.441 million barrels. In fact, Iraq placed sixth on the list with only 650,000 barrels.

            The price of crude oil represents over half of the retail price of gasoline. Prices reached an all-time high in April and escalated through the summer, but have declined in recent months, driving the consumer cost down as well. Also, contrary to accusations, oil companies are not raising prices in order to make a greater profit, thereby gouging the consumer. In May, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported that “oil and gas industry earnings for the fourth quarter of 2005, expressed in cents per dollar of revenue, were not much higher than the average earnings of all U.S. industries for that period.”

            One of the causes isn’t the fault of one person or even a company, but is the sole responsibility of Mother Nature. According to the Washington Post, when Hurricane Katrina hit in August of 2005, it dropped a virtual atomic bomb on the gasoline supply network. The Gulf of Mexico provides 25% of domestic oil production, but the majority of facilities were lost during the hurricane. Refineries were destroyed in a matter of minutes and now, a year later, the United States is still recovering from the devastating losses.

            Supply was significantly diminished and consumers immediately panicked, flooding the gas stations in order to buy gas before it “ran out.” Simple economics show that if the supply is reduced, then the demand increases, which increases the retail price. That same rule applies to the increased demand during the summer months and around holidays. Long-distance traveling and vacations require gasoline in some form, raising the price even more. The lack of supply then forces the government to import a greater amount of oil from outside sources, taking the money out of the pocket of the American consumer and into the pockets of the three leading suppliers mentioned earlier.

            Leading oil companies and energy advisors warn that the world’s oil production is about to peak, and then will quickly plummet. They state that this is the basis for the rise in gas prices. North Sea oil production peaked in 1999 and has been declining at an accelerated rate (of 7% to 8.5% to 11%), much higher than the anticipated rate of 7%. Earlier projections predicted that the world’s oil supply wouldn’t start falling until 2050, but with sharp decline in recent years, new projections are saying that effects may be seen as early as 2010.

             While gas prices are currently holding at a respectable low, compared to last fall, they won’t be there for long. Prices will increase and decrease as the market continues to fluctuates, while the government and the automotive industry researches alternative means of fuel, in hopes of avoiding an even greater crisis. One thing is for certain, once the oil supply does run out, prices will no longer be an issue.




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Fluffy clouds of goodness

Yes, I am sitting here eating marshmallows. Yum yum yum. I'm also watching GiGi season 3. I'm also lonely and bored. :( I think I'm actually going to do some studying after this!!! I know, shocker!!!! I don't have anything until next Tuesday. Then, I will be busy. I will have an outline due, as well as a test on writing effectiveness. And a media response speech on the Hiding Place, and a speech on kosher foods. Goody. But that's then. Right now, if I still feel like it in 20 marshmallows, I will study for my communications and history finals. Those will be given on Dec 12 and 14. Hey, nothing like being prepared, eh?

Oh, and I would like to point out that these are the teeny tiny marshmallows, not the gigantic ones that you use to play Chubby Bunny with. By the way, that contributed to at least one death, just so you know. Fun, but dangerous.

Ok.. back to my yum yums and my girls.


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