November 17th, 2006


Brandon won't get out of bed.. I'm going to get the water as soon as I type the last period.

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mwwwhahaha [that's my evil laugh]

I soaked my hands in cold water [brrr!] and then cupped my hands to fill them. Slowly, I walked into the boys' room and as soon as Brandon saw me coming he started begging for his life. "Please Megan! Don't! Please don't! Please!" "Get up, Brandon" "I'm up! I'm up" "Out of the bed, Brandon." In 0.7 seconds, he had literally jumped straight out of the bed, nearly breaking his other ankle in the process. :P He says I am a mean sister. No, I'm a mother-in-training. :)

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Smile and a tear

Today has been a good day overall, even with me oversleeping this morning. Brandon and I had fun. We had a fighting match [i won!] and I taught him some new card games. Plus, I was sweet this morning and fixed him breakfast! :)

Right now I'm waiting for a phone call from Sister Amy so we can go to Hannocks and get the oodles and oodles of material needed to make 30-40 costumes for the Walk-Through Bethlehem. Ugh. Thank goodness [again] that I'm not doing this alone.

Please pray. I'm struggling with disappointments today. Thank you.

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I just spent the last 2 hours de-stressing by working on my scrapbook. I only have four pictures left to do. It's going to be a work in progress, though. But the memories have to happen first so I can take pictures of them and put them in the scrapbook.

Mom was talking about what we're going to do for Thanksgiving this year. Go out to eat or fix dinner and eat it at the coffee table. Yep.. sometimes I love my life [sarcasm noted].

Sister Amy and I very nearly bought out Hancock's! We spent right at $100 on fabric, but I'm going back tomorrow because we should have gotten 10% off our order. So after work I'm going to go by there and talk to the manager. Lovely.

One good thing is that I bought two patterns for 99 cents. Patterns for biblical costumes, that is. Hopefully that will keep all the people helping from getting the same migraine that I did while making the costumes back at Easter. And since they were on sale, I also bought two patterns for yours truly! [but don't worry, I paid for those with my own money.] They're so cool! One is a set of pattern for fleece scarves and hats [which I LOVE!] and the other is a set of patterns for these really cool jackets. I want to go back and find a pattern for fleece vests. I can buy the fleece for less than $4 a yard and could make it very easily. That would be awesome since I love them and most of the time the vests cost upwards of $20 and $30! Sister Amy is going to show me how to do something that she did last Christmas. If it's really as easy as she says, I might do it for the ladies in my family for Christmas. I always try to get them something each year. Last year I got them hand lotion and wrapped it in red velvet [like they do wine bottles] and tied it with white and gold cord. SO pretty! The guys, on the other hand, are a complete mystery to me. What's something inexpensive that a guy would like? I have my papa and both uncles. The ladies, even there are twice as many of them as there of men], are the easiest to shop for. Men are just difficult! Don't even get me started on what I'm going to get Micah for Christmas. I know one thing that I'm going to get/do for him, but I need something else. I got him Christmas music cds last year, and he loved them, but I want to do something more this year. We'll see.

My Christmas list is so much longer than it was last year. I've made more friends over this last year, which is very much a good thing. I need to get started with Christmas cards too. I can't decide if I want to buy them or make them. I think that I want to make them. I need to look through my old Christmas Better Homes and Garden magazines and see if they have any ideas. I just need to be careful this Christmas.. REALLY careful, because I don't have the finances that I did last year. Last year I could be $100 presents and not even blink an eye.

Now, looking at my bank account, I can look back and see how much my parents have sacrificed for me over the years. Parents give up so much for their children, to make THEIR Christmas the best it can be. I just wish I could give something back. Sitting here, thinking about it, I realize that I can. What is the saying, "Some of the best gifts don't come in a box." [or something like that] The best gift that I could give them is my love. And what I mean by that, is the outward display of my love. Being the best daughter that I can be. Making them proud of me every moment of every day. Doing things without be asked. Offering to do things I wouldn't normally do. Not fighting with my brothers. Not back talking or having an attitude. Opening my heart to them. Sacrificing of myself to make them happy. I'm the daughter, yes, and I always will be. But I'm growing up. It's my turn now, to take care of them. I'm not saying that they are old, by any means. Just that... they deserve it... for everything they have done for me my entire life. They deserve to be loved.

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