November 16th, 2006

I feel like I've gotten sleep, which is a good thing

Man I'm going to be busy these next couple of days. Well, the next couple of weeks, actually. Or actually, the next couple of months. Ugh.. and so it begins.

Today, I have school. Then the Y. Then I'm meeting Kasey at the church to finish painting our room [which is ORANGE!!!!- but more on that another time]

Tomorrow, I'm going to write a paper, maybe even two, and get all my school stuff in order. Sometime during the day I am going to the Y. Siter Amy and I are going to Hancocks and the like to get material for the 30+ costumes that we have to make for our Walk-Through Bethlehem. The Wise Men and the Roman Soldiers will be the hardest. At least, I think we're having Wise Men, I'm not sure. I need to ask Sis Amy who needs to ask Crystal. But yeah. It'll be on the 16th which gives us exactly one month. One month of pure tortue! :) We're buying the material this weekend and I'll come up with a pattern so I can start handing out everything to my wonderful wonderful wonderful partners. I don't know what I would do without them! Go crazy, probably.

Then I work at 6:45 Saturday morning, until 1 and then I'll zoom to the Y, then back home to get ready, pick up the boys, go to the Whites and pick up Micah and Kimberly and then go to the Donnafields for the VLB dinner. Hopefully somewhere in there I will be able to make Spanish Rice. Mmm.

Sunday will be church, but I don't know anything past that. There are a lot of other smaller things, but I thought I'd spare ya'll the details. Actually, I can handle all this, as long as I have keep my day planner with me. I would be LOST without it! I like being busy, having things to do, being active and a part of things. I love it. The only time I don't love it is when I start freaking out. Lae and Micah.. you know exactly what I'm talking about. I freak out when I run out of time. I just need to have things done by the 30th, and by things I mean the English paper that I've been working on half the semester. All my finals will be the 12th and the 14th, and then the Walk-Through-Bethlehem on the 16th. I'll keep on working right up until we leave for Christmas in Florida, and then.. I can breathe.

This is going to be a GREAT Christmas.. in spite of it all.. :) The Devil can't take my JOY!


p.s- Bek, I'm wearing that outfit you like. The one in my pic up there *points up*, except with a different shirt [but same color] and a brown shrug for warmth. gotta go. college.
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My fingernails are yellow

I just got back from helping Damon and Kasey paint our sunday school classroom at .. where else?.. church! It's AWEOSOME! It's orange and we painted different shapes on the wall in two shades of yellow. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow when the whole place it cleaned up. It looks amazing, and defintely not boring. The kids won't be able to fall asleep in that classroom!

I guess I'll have to wait and take pics on Sunday. Mom just said she isn't going to the church until Saturday morning, which is when I will be working. Oh well, a day or two won't make any difference.

The fire is roaring in the fireplace. But the fireplace isn't in here, and I'm cold. But I can't go in there because my computer is in here. It's days like today that I wish I had a laptop. And not just fot the warmth factor, my computer is being absolutely stupid!!! I have to restart it, just to open Microsoft Word so I can do my schoolwork. Argh computers. Technology. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

Some good news about college. I should be able to pull an "A" in my History class. I was SO worried that I would make a "B"... but with my extra credit research project, which is a possible 5-10 points, and my extra 5 points for volunteering.. Oh YEAH! Forgot about that. Ya'll know I wrote my research project paper on Monday and was debating on whether or not to turn it in on Tuesday. I wasn't going to, but changed my mind and printed it out at the last minute. At school, I had Mr. Litaker look over it and look at the format mistakes and he said that it wasn't anything to worry about and to go ahead and turn in my paper. I was the first student to volunteer and gave a summary of my paper [which, I made a 94 on my presentation!] and then gave it to him. After everyone had given their speeches [only about 8 students volunteered], Mr Litaker said that everyone who had volunteered would be given an extra 5 points on their grade. As you can imagine, the ones who DIDN'T volunteer were slapping themselves right about then.

All I need to get an "A" is at least a 90 on my two research papers [I already turned the one in and will get a grade on Tuesday- the other isn't due until after Thanksgiving], and at least an 85 on my final exam. That's it. I actually can do a little worse than that and still pull an "A".. but that's what I'm hoping for. I know it would look good on my college records to have all "A's"... and it wouldn't hurt my scholarship application either.

I've really gotten in the Christmas spirit these last couple of days. I've been playing nothing but Christmas music all day today. My favorite cds are Michael W. Smith's "Christmastime".. Jaci V's "Christmas".. and Newsong's "Christmas Shoes"... My favorite songs are "Christmastime" by Smitty [Michael W. Smith], "Emmanuel Medley" by Smitty, "Winter Wonderland", "Let It Snow" by Jaci V, "What a Strange Way to Save the World" by the guy who sang it at the Highland Park Baptist church three years ago, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"... and SO MANY MORE! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

I'm kind of in a scrapbooking mood, but I'm in a "Let's go to sleep" mood even more. So.. yeah..

Things to blog about tomorrow:

Walk-Through Bethlehem Costumes
Work on Wed.
Devotion at church Wed. night
Cleaning my room.
Trying to wake my brother up and failing
My brother getting mad because I poured water on him to wake him up
Locking my brother out of the bathroom while he tried to put ice down my shirt to get back at me
My brother giving up after I threatened to post baby pictures of him online

Sounds like a busy day. :)

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