November 15th, 2006


Mom just informed me, oh yeah.. hi..., that I have to take two semesters of a foreign language. And the only language they offer is Spanish. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! This makes me SO ANGRY! Remember, the state of TN said that since I was not schooled through an umbrella school [which the state of GA does not recognize], I basically did not graduate from high school. Thus the reason for me taking the GED test [as dad says, cold turkey]. None of my credits count. None of the years of volunteer work and extracurriculiar activities. I got the Presidental Volunteer Service Award for crying out loud, and that doesn't count towards anything. None of my school credits count. Nothing.

I took TWO YEARS of French from Dr. Karon. An actual medical doctor who spoke four languages: German, Welsh, French, and English. But does that count? No.

Why should I be punished just because I was schooled in this state? I couldn't have been underneath and umbrella school because GA doesn't even recognize them. But, TN doesn't recognize anything other than an umbrella school. It's not fair. And don't tell me that life's not fair sometimes because I'm not going to listen to that. This is my life. My education. I took those classes. I learned those french words. I did the work.

I'm a good student who makes all A's. Doesn't that count for anything? If I have to take two extra classes on top of everything else, I might as well say goodbye to any hope I have of graduating by May 2008. At this rate, I probably won't be graduating until Dec, if then. It just makes me so angry.

Dad says I can try and appeal it and have them accept my credits. The only thing is, they might require me to take a placement exam or a test to see how much French I actually know. Good grief. I took French the first two years of high school, which was many years ago. I DON'T REMEMBER~! Sigh. See, if I was going for an Associate of Arts, I would have to take a language. But, I'm going for an Associate of Science, therefore, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be required to take a foreign language. Oh, and another thing, and Lae can vounch for the aggravation associated with this: Sign Language is not considered an actual language. Argh again.

Well. I am going to appeal this. I shouldn't have to take two semesters of a language when I already took two years. It's not right. As it is, I need to preregister for classes for the spring semester. But I refuse to take language classes. Not unless I absolutely have to. I'm stubborn that way.

Ok, now that all my frustration has been vented.....

Service was good, but I'm going to write about that later. I need sweet tea right now.
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