November 12th, 2006

I've cried my tears and life goes on

Ok, I'm smiling. I've read two books by Robin Jones Gunn that had me laughing my head off. I whole-heartedly recommending the "Sisterchicks" series for moms and daughters and sisters and every female out there. SOOO good. I love her books. Love love love them! Can anyone tell that I'm feeling more than a little better? I cried, but the tears are gone. I actually accomplished something and sewed the jacket so I can wear it to church tomorrow. I'm talking to Micah right now- that has been a serious of emotions in itself- but the ride is finally over and I've gone to get a snowcone. Though actually, with as cold as it is outside, I think I'll take a cup of hot chocolate instead. I do have pictures from the moving day earlier that I need to put on the computer so I can burn a cd for Em. Also, I need to recharge my batteries so they'll be good for the Riddell baby shower tomorrow.

 And also, tomorrow is the first day in over 3 months that I won't be teaching Sunday School. I know I will miss working with the children, but I admit that I'm not missing rushing to get my lesson together. Goodness knows that I put 110% of myself into anything I do [I get that from Mommy], and so teaching those very active kids was getting tiring. I loved every minute of it, but I wouldn't have minded being the taught instead of the teacher for once. Well, for the rest of the month, I will be just that.

It's like the saying I heard once, "Who ministers to the minister?" Sometimes, the ministry [preachers and teachers] need to be the ones ministered to. I know the preachers care for the people and preach the gospel so much, but sometimes, they're the ones that need to be taken care of. Same thing for the teachers. I've been in a ministering family my entire life. I'm 4th generation ministry. I know how it is on the other side. That's why now, when we're not the ones up behind the pulpit every Sunday, I try to be the best member I can be. I try not to wait for one of the leaders to come to me, but instead I go to them and ask if there is anything I can do to help. I try to be the one to greet the visitor, and not leave it to the Pastor and Deacons. I try to help wherever I can. Because I know how hard it is when no one has a willing heart, so I try to have that kind of heart and spirit. It's hard. And sometimes I just want to sit back and be a pew potato. But every time, the tug of the Holy Ghost overcomes whatever laziness might be lingering and so I get up and do. I encourage you to do.. too. :)

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Watch out world.. Megan's venting

Would you believe it? I couldn't find my shoes this morning. I wanted to wear my black boots. I needed to wear my black boots. I couldn't find my black boots. GRRRRR! I tore my nice, clean room apart looking for them and had Tyler search the rest of the house. I finally sent him out to the car and sure enough, five minutes before we had to leave, he found them in my bag from.. Tuesday? When I went to the Gym. Either Tuesday or Thursday. Tuesday, cause I went to the Library Thursday. But yeah. Thank goodness. But that's not the most unbelievable part of our morning. Mom.. my mother.. Ms. Punctuality.. was LATE! Me,Tyler, AND Dad were all in the car and ready to go before she had even set foot out of the door. In fact, we waited in the cold car another 10 minutes before she was finally ready to go. Dad called her Brandon when she opened the car door. :P Why? Cause Brandon is always the last one in the car. Mom and I are usually the first ones in the car. I hate being late. I love being early. Needless to say, I get that from Momma.

Question, why do people say "needless to say" and then go ahead and say it anyway? Or for that matter, they say "I shouldn't say/tell you this, but.." Just, all sorts of things. One thing that I have realized, especially in my own casual writing, is that Americans, as a whole, live by cliches.
Strong as an ox, neat as a pin, sadder but wiser, seconds to spare, scared me half to death, cut to the chase, at the drop of a hat, add insult to injury, green with envy, hard as a rock, gentle as a lamb, wouldn't hurt a fly, better late than never, by the seat of my pants.. on and on and on it goes. Even that, "on and on and on" is a borderline, if not outright, cliche! They iritate me! And I know that I use them "like they're going out of style!" Anyone catch onto that tiny hint of sarcasm there? I think that sometime when my brain is a little more awake than it is right this minute, that I am going to write a nice, long post using not but cliches. Though I don't know how easy it will be, after all, you know that they say, "easier said than done!"

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Good end to a good day

Ok, I had a momentary flare up of aggravation there, but I took care of it. The fam and I just got back from eating out with the White Family. Well, actually, 3/4 of the White family. 4/5 if you count Micah's girlfriend, Kimberly. No, not Micah Peter, Micah White. It's weird having a guy at this local church with the same name as my boyfriend! We've been here over a year and I STILL haven't gotten used to it. For the longest time I would freak out when someone started talking about "Micah's girlfriend" and the name mentioned wasn't mine! But it's all good now. She was talking SOOOO much tonight! Kimberly, that is. I've known her a few months now and I've NEVER heard her talk as much as she did tonight. She's sweet.

I'm SOOOOO full! Dad and I ate the breakfast but I couldn't finish mine. I think my stomach has strunk or something. :P

That's it. I'm gonna shove off for now. I'm tired so I might go to bed. But I want to stay up and clean my room so I might blog again later. Hmm.. we shall see, won't we?

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