November 10th, 2006

Four hours later..

I went to bed at 10:30 last night, barely an hour after I got home from Damon's party. I woke up this morning at 6:30, but didn't get up till 8. Mom left with the boys at 8:30 to meet with the Hatchett's. Yep. It's Carrie's birthday tomorrow and he's going down there for the weekend. LUCKY!!!

But alas, I couldn't get started with my day because the internet was out until just a little while ago. So I've been cleaning my room and watching full house and GiGi while reading. Yes, I know, I'm talented. I've also been told this morning, by Jackie, that I'm physic as well. lol.

The internet is on now and that means school. My goal is by Monday night to have my History paper completely written. My English paper at least in a rough-draft form so Mr. Como can review it on Tues [to turn in on Thurs]. And... oh yeah.. have a speech on Kosher foods. :) Fun stuff.

My stomach is make funny noises.

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I am a work-out MACHINE!

Yeah! I just got back from 1hr 40 min at the gym. Sister Campbell's jaw would have hit the floor a LONG time ago. Yep, all that time on the wonderful elliptical machine. It was fun! I had my book: Sisterchicks Ooo La La! and watching ST TNG and 7th Heaven [one of the old episodes]. And I burned 850 calories. I would have gone the additional 20 mintutes to make it to the 1,000.. but I finished my book. :P And the best part is, I'm not tired!!!

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Tis the season.. for a holiday wish list

Mom has begun to ask what I want for Christmas. So, hear ya are, Mommy!

 1. New Balance 491 Walking Shoes @  At Kohls - $35.99
I really like these shoes. I just want something simple without being bulky, and I want it brown/pink. I have black/blue, but I don't have anything to wear with brown clothes except my white/gray and those are getting kind of yucky. There are a couple others that I like as well, but this is the basic style.

2. iPod Armband @ Bestbuy- $29.99
I've needed one of these since getting my iPod in June. Work-outs are a nightmare and I'm afraid I'm going to drop my iPod one of these days and step on it. I'd prefer one in color. Blue.

3. FM iPod Transmitter
I don't have a price or link for this one, since I don't know what kind I want. I just know I want one.

4. Motorola Bluetooth-Enabled Heaset @ Office Depot - $39.99
I've needed one of these ever since getting a cell phone. For one thing, it would make my driving a whole lot safer, and thereby making the world a safer place to live!

Right now... this is all that's on my Christmas list. I can't really think of what else I want. The other things on my wish-list are a little heavy on the wishing part. Things like a new camera and a laptop. Hey, just for the fun of it....

5. 13-inch MacBook: White @ too much money
If I had this, I don't think I could get any happier. Sigh.. well.. maybe I could..

6. Canon Camera
Don't know which one. I'd have to ask Micah. But it would be a Canon.

So now I come to the end of my life. There's not a lot I really want. I have practically I could need already. Sure, there are a few things I want, but hey... I'm good. But Momma, speaking of Christmas lists.. I need yours...

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