November 9th, 2006

Feeling fine and almostt dandy

I look cute and I feel good. I actually managed to get a full 7 hours of sleep last night, which I will need with everything I have to do today. AHHH. I THINK my working bibliography is right. I only have four entries on it though, since I wasn't able to get to the library and check out a few books I found. That will come later today. Ugh, I have to go to the Symrna AND the Murfressboro library. I think my W.B. will be okay. After all, it is a WORKING bibligraphy. In other words, a work-in-progress. I also have a Communications test, but I think I'm good on it. I have my nice set of typed notes that I'll study until then. But I also have a quiz in English on logical fallicies. What fun. The funny part is, I have a test in Communications on the same thing. Can we say, sharing notes? Man. It seems like all I DO nowadays is talk about school. I'm getting so boring. None of ya'll are really interesting, are you? Yep, that's what I thought.

Well, I need to leave in 30 minutes... ah... I can take a couple more minutes with ya'll. After all, I have been neglected my poor poor blog something terrible!

Here, I'll tell you about something funny that happened at work, and then I'll tell you that really good thing that happened Tuesday [for those of you that already read my blog].

Work: One of the guys from Hardware was covering my cash register while I went on break. [His name is Grey and he's actually kind of cute, but curses like a sailor, thus ending any chance of attraction that didn't exist in the first place]. When I walked up, he was just finishing checking out one of two ladies that had a cart-full of children's clothing. He was talking to the little boy, who looked to be about 6 or 7 years old. I took over my station and proceeded to check them out. Then, Stephanie, one of the managers walked up, and the little boy saw that she was another employee and said, "Guess what!" She, of course, said, "What?"
"I'm going to be working here!"
"Oh you are?"
"Yeah, that guy just hired me."
"Oh he did?"
"Yeah, I start tomorrow."
"Really. What are you going to be doing?"
"Um.. uh... checking people out."
"Oh ok. What time can you start?"
"Uh.. um... 3. Cause I'm out of school then."
"Ok, see you tomorrow at three."
"Ok! Bye boss!"

The rest of the time that I was checking them out, he was going on and on about his new job. The mother just laughed and said something about that being all he'll be thinking about from now on. I said, "Just wait until tomorrow at 3." She laughed and said that he wouldn't forget about it either! Just before they left, he waved at me and said, "Bye boss! See you tomorrow!" I just smiled and waved.


Good Thing: Micah had applied for the "perfect" job at the college in Bethel about a month ago. Well, as of Monday, he hadn't heard anything back and we both were getting VERY worried. We've been praying this entire time, but Monday night, I felt led to take it a step further. So, as of Tuesday morning, I began fasting. I told Micah about it after school and we both continued praying about the situation, that SOMETHING would happen. That afternoon, I did something I rarely do, and checked his email. I just felt that little "tug" telling me to do it. Well, what do you suppose was there, but an email. From Heidi. At the college. About setting up an interview.

Wow. That's all I could think. Wow. God works fast. Before the end of the day, after a near month of silence, SOMETHING had happened. It's like that saying, "God is seldom early, but never late." As most of you know, Micah flew back home to Bethel yesterday afternoon. He has an interview today at 9:30 [Alaska Time]. PLEASE be in prayer. Join me in fasting if you feel so led. But please, more than anything, pray that God's will be do. This job would be perfect for him and his situation, but nothing is ever perfect unless it is God's will.

Keep warm and smile at a stranger, you never know when that might be just what they need.

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