November 6th, 2006

If I say "Good Morning".. hopefully it will be

Yesterday was a day of tears. It finally ended with a smile at a crowded table at Olive Garden, surrounded by much-needed fellowship with the White Family and the Broyles. The discouragment I felt so strongly yesterday, and most especially last night, has dissapaited for the most part. Today is a new day. No tears. Only smiles. I have the whole day in front of me.

So, I'm going to finish cleaning my room and organizing it.
So, I'm going to go to the gym at 3 and burn at least 500 calories. Maybe more. I'd like to burn 1,000, just for the fun of it.
So, I'm going to study for my tests tomorrow so that I WILL ace them.
So, I'm going to help Momma clean up the house so it'll be nice and neat and I can be a good daughter.
So, I'm going to play a board game with my brothers tonight so we can have fun and I can be a good sister.
So, I'm going to keep the phone by me tonight so that Micah can call and I can be a good girlfriend
So, I'm going to comment on other people's blogs so they can be encouraged and I can be a good friend.
So, I'm going to pray for everyone today so they can feel the touch of God in their lives and I can be a good Christian.

So...... I'm going to say "Good Morning"... and believe it.


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I'm trying

I'm going through and commenting on people's blogs.. I haven't made it through everyone's yet.. but I'm trying.

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Some kind of perfect

Sis Amy has asked me to make the costumes for our Walk-Through Bethlehem, to take place the first weekend in December. Ever since I made the costumes for the Easter program, they seem to regard me as some kind of costume wizard. Well, thankfully THIS time, the wizard will have help. Rachel, Kasey, and Sis Peggy will all be assisting in the making of costumes. Which is VERY GOOD, considering we're making close to 30 costumes. Sigh. We're going to have to be careful, because this could get VERY expensive! Thankfully I'm a member of Hancock Fabrics and can get a discount and use coupons. That will help some. Most of the costumes won't be overly involved. The hardest ones will be making 2-4 Roman soilders, and making the Wise Men. Oh Joy. I just took my bro's meaurements and this is going to be one tough cookie. These 6ft+ men are going to be hard too! Do you realize how many yards of fabric it takes to cover that whole body from head to toe??? Yikes! I might see about doing a simple sheath for some of them. I'll look in my reference books and see what the attire of the time period was like. Pray!!!!

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Don't I feel smart??

I just spent the last hour studying for my history test tomorrow, only to realize about 2 minutes ago that I was studying the wrong thing. Grr. I was studying my CHAPTER notes, not my TEST notes. GRR! Oh well.. I'm sure it'll be on the midterm, at least some of it. Grr.

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Sore but Satisfied

I just got back from an hour and a 1/2 at the Y. I feel SO good.

Sis Campbell and Sis Tammy were there too, but Lae, you would be proud, cause I got on the weights all by myself, even after Sis Tammy left. :) It feels sooo good to be sore. I went on the elliptical machine first and worked out for a whole hour. Sis Campbell just about had a heart attack right there when she got off the bike machine after 30 min and still saw me chugging away on the machine. :) 550 calories burnt, baby! In 48 minutes!!! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! I would have gone longer, but the place was getting busy and there were people waiting to get on the machine, so I hopped off, wiped it off, and headed to the weight room.

I only wanted to concentrate on two key areas today: biceps and hip abductors [i think that's what they're called]. I did a bunch of bicep curls on 30, then 40, then 50 lbs. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a lady was waiting for me to finish, so I did two more curls and handed it over to her. Yes, I'm so nice. Then.. I got on the hip abuctors. I think I've found my favorite leg weight machine. :) Maybe I just like the name of it "hip abductors".. I say it and I see this flying object swooping down and zapping all the fat blobs [hence= the abduction]. I just hope it doesn't send the blobs back! lol.. But I went on the one where you push in first, then I went on the one where you push out. Fun, fun, fun. I'm proud of myself, because I was able to do 150lbs without straining. :) My legs are pretty strong from working on the elliptical machine like I have. Now, I want to do some actual running. I've noticed that I've become a stronger runner since March, which is probably why I can out-run Lae now. Hehe, sorry sis, had to say it. You can hit me now.

But yeah... the real test will be against the Peter Boys. Those guys are running MACHINES! Man alive! My goal is to at least half-way be able to keep up with Micah when he comes down here in Jan. And hey, the stronger leg muscles can't but help my non-existant snowboarding skills. :)

In other news, I'm finished with my History test notes and will be studying that throughout the night. I just need to look up some research books/articles and read over an article for English tomorrow. We're probably going to have a quiz on it, and might also have to write and in-class evaluative summary. Let's hope I'll remember my books this time. I forgot them Thursday. Someohow, I think I might actually be one of the students who uses their books for more than just a hard pillow, and so I might them, you think?

OH! And I'm working on the game for Wednesday night. Without giving away too much [since Antioch people DO read this blog], it's going to be a Bible Trivia Game. My only disappointment is that I won't get to play. I LOVE Bible trivia. I can even outsmart Dad most of the time. Then again, I am my father's daughter!

Since talking to Micah so much this last week and hearing about all the wonderful,wonderful snow.. I've been bitten by the I-Want-To-Go-Ice-Skating bug. What? You haven't heard of it? Yes, it's a newly discovered, though quite common, ailment. Many Americans suffer from this disease unknowingly, some going their entire life without having it diognosed. I, however, am one of the lucky ones. Or am I? Is it better to know about a disease and live your life knowing that something is wrong? Or is it better to live in blissful ignorance? I don't know the answer to that, all I know is that I want to go ice skating.

Someone just called me but didn't leave a message. Oh well. Must not have been very important.

Well, I hear Momma in the kitchen, so I think I'll carry that good-daughter thing a little farther and go volunteer my services. Later!

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