November 5th, 2006

Family Time

Pray for me, that my song will go okay. We're leaving in 5 min since Dad and I are both teaching. Since Mom's not home to cook and hadn't gone grocery shopping, Dad wants to go out to each for lunch. Yes, I cook when Mom's not home, but Dad always uses her absences as an excuse to go out. Hmm... I wonder what it will be today. BBQ? Mexican? Italian? Seafood? Southern? Chinese? American? I wonder.... It really depends on where the rest of the church is going. Most go to Big Apple, which is okay.. but I'd rather not eat Chinese EVERY time I go out. Though I have been craving some sesame chicken! Who knows? Maybe I can talk Dad into going to the Mac store. Hmm?

Take care ya'll and have a grrrrreat day!

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