November 3rd, 2006

I'm unique... Just like everyone else!

I just looked up something, inspired by Wendy...

there are 143 people in the US with the name "Megan Shaw"

just for the fun of it... don't kill me baby... there are only 8 people with the name "Megan Peter"

and again, just for the fun of it.. there is only one person with the name "Micah Peter"

My boyfriend really is one-of-a-kind!!! :D


Also, my mom is the only one with her name
Also, my grandmother is the only one with her name
Also, my grandfather is the only one with his name

i have a very special family! :)

i guess i should have filed this under "PS"... but i'm about to take mom to meet up with Kasey and Rach so they can all go to ladies retreat. meanwhile, brandon and i are going to the outlet mall and to eat out. later gator!

m. [again]
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A poll, for my pleasure and your enjoyment

Poll #857619 Are the Friendlies friendly?

On a scale of 1 to 10 [10 being best and 1 being enemies], what kind of friends do you consider you and I to be?

Mean: 7.50 Median: 7 Std. Dev 1.50
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Best day in a long time

Brandon and I had SO much fun today!!! We ate at Chili's, then went to the outlet mall. Brandon fell in love with the place. Needless to say, he's a bit upset with me for "hiding" it for so long. Then we got some drinks at the gas station and headed back home. At least, we started to head back home. I was talking and we were lauging and I missed the 840 exit. About 10 min later, WHAM... I realized what I had done, right about the time the I saw the exit for Mt. Juliet. I called Dad, slightly freaking out. I couldn't just turn around and go back because 40 was backed up due to rush hour. Dad got our mapquest-in-the-flesh [aka Brother Jerry] on the line and confirmed directions for me.

See, I used to take that road to church all the time when I lived with Brad and Rachel. But I haven't since I moved back home. We ended up on Murfreesboro Rd and then I got an absolutely BRILLIANT idea! THE YMCA! See, I was going to work out later on, but it was already getting late and I didn't want to waste any more gas by driving home and then driving back to town. And besides that, ya'll know that if I've been out already, once I'm home, I'm home to stay.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if they would require a guest pass for Brandon or not. We crossed our fingers and walked inside. When they scanned my card, I told the guy that Brandon was my brother, and they waved us on back, without having to get a pass or anything. COOL! Alaena, you would be SO proud of me! I lifted weights! And not only that.. I taught Brandon how to lift weights too! Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to share my "bountiful" supply of weight-lifting knowledge. lol. It was fun! Mom is looking into getting a family membership. We could get it for $60-$70 a month, and I already pay $35. So for twice that, everyone could go. Though I doubt Dad would cause he already works all day long and the last thing he would want to do after work is go work some more.

Back to the outlet mall.. Brandon and I actually only went in a few stores, but it was cool anyway. He fell in love with Gap there and was astonished at $2 and $4 prices. I had to literally drag him out of there. Oh! And I saw a girl from my English class there. She works there and said hi to me when we went to check out. I thought that I recognized her, but wasn't sure, so I didn't say anything until she said something. I bought a nice rich plum color dressy shirt for $2, and a dark brown/gray messenger bag for $7. Brandon got a dark gray nice winter jacket for $20. Very "Logan"! And a few shirts for $4 and $5. Then we went to Rue 21 which was having a MEGA SALE He got a hoodie for $7 and a dress shirt for $7. I got a NICE brown REAL LEATHER jacket for only $5!!! I'll be sure to model everything for you, as well as post the pictures from today. Right now, I'm debating posting a video of Brandon and I singing "The Twelve Dogs of Christmas" REALLY REALLY badly. :P

Ahh.. I'm gone. This is too long.. and to think I was just going to post a short blurp. I should know better than that!

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Maybe we should have parked there???
Maybe we should have parked there???

Brandon had never eaten here before!

There were too many choices!!!

We totally demolished the food! But it was good!

Mr. Hop-a-long.. he got a lot of questions and sympathetic looks from the cashiers.

The sun was really bright.

I was trying to drive and had just missed my exit.. in other words.. I was lost.

This is just a cool "pic" I took. Not sure what of. But I think it would make a cool background.
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