November 2nd, 2006

Umm.. ???

My essay is done, as is my speech. I've made minor corrections since posting them on here. But it's okay, since none of ya'll read them anyway. :P Can't say I blame ya'll.

I can't remeber if we have a History Test today. I don't BELIEVE so... he never said anything about it, but it's on the schedule. I think, since he bumped the Midterm back a week, that he's going to do the same for our 3rd test too. I hope so. None of the class is prepared, including myself. Since I have the rest of the week off, I'm going to try and get ahead by at least a week. Go ahead and write papers, prepare speeches, do research, all that good stuff. I need to, because once Thanksgiving gets here, I will be so busy with work that I won't have time to concentrate on school, and classes don't end until Dec 14th. I will have finals and research projects due before too long. So better to do them now rather than later. Though, I'm going to see if Brandon and/or Tyler want to have a day out tomorrow. AFTER I take Mom to Lebanon to meet up with Kasey and Rachel for Ladies Retreat. No, I am unable to go. Why? Uh.. considering last night I had the grand total of five cents in my wallet, which I gave in the offering, yeah.. these pockets are dry as a bone. But I volunteered to take Momma up there so Kasey wouldn't have to drive ALL the way down here [a good 45 min out of the way] just to get her. I'm trying to think if there is anything I can do while in Lebanon. But not really.. no stores I want to go to.. and even if I did, like I said, no money. So I'm just going to come home and see what the boys are up to. Oh! I want to play Monopoly again tonight. Or perhaps Life. But right now, I have about 30 min before I need to leave and still need to pick up in my room, finish my morning routine, grab a bit to eat, and finish going over my notes. Actuallyy, I have 20 min. Byes!

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    I think I hear Tyler snoring

Boing boing boing

I am back from cleaning the church and slightly hyper and not at the same time. I want to play a game. I'm gonna talk my brothers into it. Mom and I talked about my childhood on the way home. Mom and Micah ganged up on me. We all laughed. I'm sounding like a stilted 9-yr old. Good grief.

*Sigh*.. I need more sweet tea.