November 1st, 2006

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And thus will be my day today.  In a few minutes, i'm going to get ready and head out to Walmart to shop a little for our Sunday School Classroom. Kasey and I are painting it and everything. Very cool. But of course we can't have an awesome new paint job and still have the garage-sale quality stuff in there. So..uh.. yeah.. I'm going to see what is on sale in the home department. We already have a few things going through our heads, so hopefully this will bring some added inspiration. Then, I'm going to the gym and working out [again]! I was so proud of myself. I actually did my 1 hr/500 calories routine. With 10 min to spare mind you! I hope to beat that even more today. Then, I will spend the "rest" of the day writing an essay for English. It'll be comparing/contrasting Home Education and Public Education. And I will also have to write a speech for uh.. duh.. speech class? Actually, it's Communications, excuse me! But that will be a persuasion speech. We just got done watching "To Kill A Mockingbird." We were suppose to be watching the methods of persuasion used in the movie, but most people just used the time to take a nap or study for another class. I must admit that I did divide my time between watching the movie, and studying for my upcoming History midterms, especially for the essay portion that never took place! Ha! And then everyone should recognize the VLB logo.. because tonight is VLB NIGHT AT ANTIOCH!!!

So that is my day and hold on.. Jackie is texting..

But yeah. I had an interesting night last night. Micah said he was going to call, and then got busy, but that was okay cause I wasn't ready to talk yet. :P Sorry, babe. I used the time to clean out my closet [which I have been needing to do for MONTHS], organize my pictures and files, put the last of my summer shoes away [save one pair of black dressy shoes and 3 pairs of flip flops]. I didn't get to organize the clothes in my closet, but I can always save that project for tonight or tomorrow. I love to organize. If I have stuff organized that way I want it to be, then ideally, I am able to keep things neat, more or less. Sometimes less rather than more. But then I went to do the dishes like Mom has been begging for me to do since Monday. Err.. Sunday.. Wow, I just really told on myself. But in my defense, I was working on school! I was texting Josh during all that, then Lae called, then Micah called. Hung up on Micah, never texted Josh back cause me stupid phone won't let me text and talk at the same time. The phone must be a guy phone, cause a girl phone could multitask! Then I said goodbye to Lae, texted Josh, called Micah, hung up on Micah, texted Josh, and then called Micah back. About an hr and a 1/2 later, I started falling asleep and so I said goodbye and went to sleep. I don't think my body has gotten used to the whole "fall back" thing. Cause at 11, it feels like 12. And at 12, it feels like 11. So here at 8:23 in the morning, it feels like 9:30. Wow, it's still kind of early. I still have the whole day ahead of me. Of course, that WAS the plan.. but yeah.. the plan actually worked. Sorry, amazed by the small miracle.

Well off I go to join the ranks of the hot and sweaty.

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Cell Phone Speech

Megan M. Shaw
Communications 1010
Mr. Jobe
Assignment: Persuasion Speech
Due Date: 11-2-06

Topic: Cell Phone Usage While Driving

A. Dangers

1. Distracts the driver

2. Impairs the driver

B. Solutions

1. Regulations of use

2. Personal precautions

Over half of current US citizens own a cellular device, which connects them to family and friends across the nation, and for a hefty bill, across the world. The cell phone has the ability to disrupt the monotony of an hour long morning commute. It distracts the driver by enabling him to communicate with others while in the car. But it also has the ability to distract him from driving.

Cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle has contributed to numerous deaths since cell phones reached prominence in the mid 90s. When using a cell phone while driving, attention is taken off the road and surrounding vehicles and is placed on the device and conversation. Usually, one or both hands are taken off the wheel while answering or placing the call. And then one hand holds the phone to the ear, which contradicts what is taught in every good driving school, and that is: Two hands on the wheel at all times.

Cell phone usage impairs the driver by limiting physical mobility and mental concentration. Research shows that reaction time is lengthened. Under normal circumstances, the average reaction time of a driver traveling 55 miles an hour is 0.7 to 1.5 seconds. This would calculate out to 56 to 120 feet before the car would come to a stop. That is before adding in brake engagement time and physical resistance time, which could bring the stopping distance up to 280 feet.

When the reaction time is lengthened, it can take the driver twice the amount of time to react, or up to 3 seconds. That would come out to be over 400 feet, and a total of 5.2 seconds before the vehicle comes to a stop. In some situations, that wouldn’t be soon enough. It only takes one second for something to happen.

Many states legislatures are encouraging the passing of bills that would regulate cell phone use behind the wheel. Several have passed laws requiring at least one hand to be on the wheel at all times or that the device cannot prohibit hearing except in one ear. Because federal government has been slow to address this issue, local jurisdictions across the United States now require that all drivers must use a hands-free device when using a cell phone.

A hands-free device allows the driver to retain mobility and to concentrate of the task of driving. Some cellular companies even offer headsets free with purchase or with a two-year contact in hopes of keeping both drivers and pedestrians safe. But they still don’t solve the problem of distracting a driver or impairing reaction time. That is left up to the driver himself. Each driver must take personal precautions when getting behind the wheel. Don’t use a cell phone when there are hazardous weather conditions. Or when there is congested traffic, or road construction. And even if precautions are taken, keep in mind that the other driver might not be as cautious. Take the time to pay attention to surroundings and remember, one second can make the difference.
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Home Education and Public Education: Meeting the Needs of Every Student

Megan M. Shaw
English 1010
Mr. Como
Assignment: Comparison and Contrast Essay
Due Date: 11-2-06

Home Education and Public Education:
Meeting the Needs of Every Student

            When a child reaches school age, the parents are faced with the decision of how to educate him. There are several options available, ranging from private tutoring to attending a boarding school. Two of the most common choices today are home education and public education. While the actual methods vary between the two, both succeed in meeting the academic and social needs of the student.

            A child educated at home is taught through a variety of techniques. Just as each public school teacher has his or her own style of teaching; individual families determine the best way to teach their child based on capabilities and aptitude. Many follow a formal curriculum, adhering to a schedule, complete with deadlines. Some parents choose to create a personalized curriculum, writing their own lesson plans. Home education allows the flexibility to mold the material to best suit the needs of the child. If a child is excelling in one subject, then he can advance to the next level. But if a subject that is proving difficult, one-on-one attention can be provided until the problem is resolved.

            In public education, the student is exposed to a range of academic opportunities. Classes are provided on virtually any subject and knowledgeable teachers use their expertise to create a dedicated learning environment for the student. However, if a student is falling behind in a subject, due to large class sizes, it is difficult to receive individual attention. But public schools do their absolute best to see that no child is left behind.

            Just as important as the academic instruction is the social interaction of the student. While many claim that home education isolates the child, the opposite is actually true. Because the child is not restricted to a classroom setting, there are more opportunities to interact with others. Many homeschoolers are active in sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. And since peer pressure and negative influences are nearly non-existent, friendships are able to mature as well as the student himself.

            Though public education does provide more everyday interaction, social barriers do exist. The ethnic and cultural diversity of public schools sometimes can do more to isolate a student than to strengthen his social skills. There are just as many outcasts are there are cheerleaders attending. Many students dwell in the middle realm, where they have their friends, and are neither popular nor unpopular.

            The method by which a child must to be taught depends on the child himself. Whatever the situation, there is a way to meet all the needs of each student.    




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