forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

time has a mind of its own

Why is when you want time to speed up, it drags by.. but when you want time to slow down, it flies by?

right now. i'm not sure which i want. i'm tired, but i can't sleep. there are things i need to get done, but i can't seem to concentrate on them. i am lonely but i don't want to bug anyone, and the ones that i don't care if i bug or not aren't avaliable or the genius forgot to charge their phone so their battery is dead.

i'm bored
i'm lonely
i'm confused
i'm distracted

and to add to all that, my computer needs to be thrown out the wedding or smashed with a hammer!

i need to go work out tomorrow, for a good 2-4 hours, to relieve some of this stress. it doesn't help that i haven't been able to work out in 3 weeks and i feel like a fat blob. now, i know some of you are jumping up rigth now and protesting, but remember.. i said that is how i FEEl.. not what i actually am. i just feel like a blob. but i always do when i go this long between workouts. oh, and spreaking of such, i need to ask at the Y about part-time positions, and also about getting the student discount now that i am enrolled at motlow.

i don't know why, but even though i am essatic that i have a job.. it's not really the job i wanted.. and defintely not the pay i wanted.. i'm not happy.. but i have to go to that place on tuesday and pretend that i am. i just hope i don't spend the next four months pretending.

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