forevermeg (forevermeg) wrote,

Chasing my dreams...

As soon as I woke up this morning, ideas for stories began to race through my mind. I went into the living room and said something to mom and dad about it and they encouraged me to write short stories and submit them to magazines or newspapers.

I want to.

I want to write, create, imagine. But these last few months I just have not been able to sit down long enough to actually follow through on my desires. Earlier in the year, I was writing all the time and actually made a lot of progress on my book. But... then I got distracted.. confused.. and just, bored. I haven't wanted to write these last few months, and I hate that.

I do have free time, and I need to make use of that. A lot of my free time is spent with Micah right now, but that's going to end as of November 8th. He's moving back to Bethel and will be giving up his cell phone. There go our 3-5 hour nightly conversations. lol. Don't worry, we've only started talking that much since he realized that he wouldn't have the cell phone in about 2 weeks. But strangely enough, sometimes I just don't feel like talking, least of all to him. I think the newness of the relationship is beginning to wear off.

I have so many ideas for stories

In the Silence, In the Dark
Brotherly Love
Always [and then sequel: Forever]

among many others.. but those are the ones on my mind right now
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